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GB has it's head office and manufacturing center in Melbourne Australia, and has branch sales offices located in Melbourne Australia, Brisbane Australia, and GB Hangzhau China. Other key regional distribution centers are in Europe and the USA.

GB commenced manufacturing chainsaw guide bars in 1959. Today, GB is 100% committed to manufacturing quality and reliable chainsaw products and accessories for the world market today.

It is GB's committed policy to continue to improve our range of chainsaw products and accessories. We are achieving higher quality levels through upgraded manufacturing processes, organized in house training of personnel, strict inspection of all products and continual testing of professional loggers.

All of this means that you can have confidence in purchasing any GB products which are all 100% guaranteed.

GB are paying particular attention to customer requirements and ideas. We are continually trying to improve delivery schedules to help meet urgent customer demands.
GB is also taking care of customers individual requirements such as special branding, special types of guide bars or sprockets and any other special assistance that may be required.

Over the past five years GB has been expanding their range of guide bars, sprockets and accessories at a rapid pace. Our range of guide bars is now the most complete available in the world today catering for all markets and customers. These include sprocket nose, Nasalloy 8 tip, laminated, harvester, double end, 3/4" pitch, extra long chainsaw bars, carver bars and racing chainsaw bars. We have an ever increasing range of spur and rim type sprockets as well as harvester sprockets and we are expanding our accessories regularly.

GB has made a committed investment to improve existing products and introduce new products through continual development. We have established a separate division, GB Engineering and Research with a staff of eight people to carry out these improvements and introductions. The benefit of this investment can be seen in our improved quality and our expanded range of products and we can assure you that further advancements are already on the drawing board.

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